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S'mores cupcakes with hand-toasted marshmallow topping are the best sellers at this cupcake truck operated by a UC Berkeley alum.
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Cupkates Restaurant Review:

While studying at UC Berkeley, Kate McEachern relieved stress and found creative bliss by baking cupcakes. When she decided in 2009 to launch what would become the first mobile cupcake truck in the Bay Area and one of the first nationwide, picking its name was a no-brainer. McEachern, a Chez Panisse alum, uses locally sourced ingredients such as Guittard chocolate and Clover sweet-cream butter and milk to produce a small spectrum of cupcakes including salted caramel, red velvet, Key lime, double vanilla, double chocolate, and tiramisu with a ladyfinger crust and mascarpone frosting that make it a standout. Most popular is the three-layer s'mores cupcake: graham cracker crust topped with chewy chocolate cake and finished, of course, with hand-toasted marshmallow frosting. Fans find Cupkates at Off the Grid on both sides of the bay.

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