Depot Restaurant Michael Lalewicz The Depot Restaurant

The Depot Restaurant

A quaint seaside setting for enjoying local seafood.
Open Dinner nightly


The Depot Restaurant Restaurant Review:

An old railroad depot converted into a restaurant holds the kind of small town charm visitors crave. It's cozy and warm with an open kitchen and a friendly staff. The prime table is the one tucked right under the window looking into the kitchen, which allows a prime view of the cooking ballet --- and allows the chef to pass over treats. The oysters 'scargot on the appetizer menu is a classic: buttery and garlic-filled just like the original dish, but showcasing the Northwest's local bounty. The same attention to local sources is true throughout the offerings. Try the razor clam chowder or local catch of the day, which may range from steelhead to halibut. Daily dessert specials are listed on a blackboard in back, and lean to comforting classics such as a brownie a la mode. The wine list is heavily tilted toward West Coast varietals, with a few pops from Europe and Australia, and overall pleasingly affordable.

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