Domo Domo
1365 Osage St.
Denver, CO 80204
Cuisine: Japanese / Sushi
Traditional Japanese country foods in a serene setting, complete with outdoor dining, a museum and rock slab tables.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Tues.-Sun.
Domo, Denver, CO

Domo Restaurant Review:

“Domo” is the informal “thanks” in the Japanese language and most folks feel they indeed owe major gratitude after leaving this distinctive restaurant. Located in the Japan House Culture Center, it's a counterintuitive spot for a restaurant. Chart your directions and stick to them; you'll find it and be glad you did. Entering the dining room is akin to traveling to a different country and realizing that there are other ways to do things. The tables are rock slabs, while you sit on padded log seats. The walls are covered in cloth and the aromas are mysterious and attractive. The Japanese country food includes dishes like nabemono (meats stewed with seaweed and vegetables in broth), teriyaki (that doesn't taste like cloying pineapple-brown sugar glaze but is smoky and light) and saké kasunabe (salmon and vegetables in broth with miso). But if you find yourself waiting for a table on a summer evening, it doesn’t get much better than sipping on one of numerous sakés in the restaurant’s peaceful Zen garden. As an aside, Domo refuses to put salt, pepper or soy sauce on the tables. The owners are insistent on this, so don't ask.