Edibles Incredible Desserts Edible Incredible Dessert Edibles Incredible Desserts

Edibles Incredible Desserts

Reston Town Center
11917 Freedom Dr. (Reston Pkwy.)
Reston, VA 20190
Cuisine: Desserts / Confectionery
Desserts with an emphasis on creative flavors.
Openings: Open daily


Edibles Incredible Desserts Restaurant Review:

Dessert wars may begin and end here, in this small, ultra-sweet eatery in Reston Town Center. Here even the sternest dieter may cave in to temptation, especially when it comes to the glorious display of cupcakes lining the shelves of the glass counter. With about 20 flavors always in the store of the 40 or so the bakery makes, customers can indulge their sweet tooth in such flavors as chocolate, lemon, creamsicle, banana split and peanut buttercup, to name just a few. To top off the calorie splurge, customers can also carry away various fudges in dreamy flavors and pack up a towering cake piled high with buttercream frosting.

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