Empire Restaurant and Lounge Empire
One Marina Park Dr. (Northern Ave.)
Boston, MA 02210
Cuisine: Asian / Sushi
Big Night Entertainment Group venture makes its mark in the Seaport District's Fan Pier.
Openings: Dinner nightly


Empire, Boston, MA

Empire Restaurant Review:

Step through the massive front doors of Empire and into a sexy, low-lit modern space, with a Great Wall art gallery and a massive open kitchen where numerous sushi chefs diligently wrap maki rolls and prepare nigiri, handmade noodles and wok dishes. Start with a classic mai tai paired with a spicy red dragon roll of bluefin tuna with red chili miso kicked up with even hotter wasabi sprouts. We couldn’t get enough of the tender Wagyu beef nigiri with crispy shallots topped with a sweet dark rum glaze. For main dishes, don’t miss the specialty, house fried rice filled with pork, chicken and shrimp, which arrived with a fried egg on top, or 24-hour “Long cooked” beef pho with basil, mint and bean sprouts. Save room for desserts like yuzu shortcake with granita.

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