Float Float
380 S. Lake Ave., #160 (Del Mar Blvd.)
Pasadena, CA 91101
Cuisine: Sandwiches / Café / Ice Cream
Float is a charming sandwich shop in Pasadena.
Openings: Open daily


Float Restaurant Review:

Float is conveniently located in Pasadena's South Lake Avenue shopping district, tucked into an alley-like arcade. Its menu features premium, foodie-friendly products from around town, like Handsome Coffee, ice cream from Fosselman's and bagels from Brooklyn Bagel Factory. Well-stuffed sandwiches include the "Goodfella" hogie (salami, capicolla, soppressata, provolone, and crunchy pancetta chips) or the Jewish-style pastrami. There’s also an extensive collection of quirky vintage soda pops from which to create some unique floats. The owners of this tiny, under-the-radar spot couldn’t be more welcoming to people dropping by for coffee, ice cream or a full lunch. The outdoor tables, under a sunlit galleria-like roof, are pleasant.

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