Fun Fish Market Restaurant King Harbor Marina Fun Fish Market & Restaurant

Fun Fish Market & Restaurant

King Harbor Marina
121 International Boardwalk (W. Torrance Blvd.)
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Cuisine: Seafood
Bargain, no-frills seafood at the Redondo Pier, especially live crabs and lobsters cooked to order.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Fun Fish Market & Restaurant Restaurant Review:

If you're looking for an actual fish market you should go to Captain Kidd's or Quality Seafood. Nobody actually buys anything here without the intent to consume it immediately. Fun Fish Market's specialty is live crabs and lobsters from two huge tanks, served fried or in Mexican or Korean fast-food preparations. Other menu options include shrimp and octopus fajitas that pop with flavor, baked mussels, and bread bowls filled with thick clam chowder. The service is brusque, but you don't visit for the atmosphere. If you want a decent cheap meal at the foot of the Redondo Pier, this might be the place for you.