Gold Coast Dogs Gold Coast Dogs

Gold Coast Dogs

O'Hare Airport
Terminal 5
Chicago, IL 60666
Cuisine: Hot Dogs / Burgers
Winning Chicago-style dogs that are best charred and topped with celery salt.
Openings: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily


Gold Coast Dogs Restaurant Review:

This is one magnificent dog and a full-on Chicago tradition. All the extras you'd expect are here, and then some. You can have your onions grilled or raw; celery salt and neon-green relish are must-have toppings. If the natural casing of the boiled version has a bit too much snap to it, opt for the char-broiled red hot instead; it's actually tastier. Fast food this may be, but this is fast food on a completely different level. Gold Coast makes a good burger, too, and the fries are not to be missed. Other locations are at Midway and Union Station.

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