Homma Brown Rice Sushi Hommas Brown Rice Sushi Homma's Brown Rice Sushi

Homma's Brown Rice Sushi

2363 Birch St. (California Ave.)
Palo Alto, CA 94306
Cuisine: Sushi / Japanese
Go off the beaten path and find out why savvy locals are lining up to feast on brown rice sushi.
Openings: Lunch Tues.-Sat., Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Homma's Brown Rice Sushi Restaurant Review:

Homma's Brown Rice Sushi is a true hidden gem in a city dominated by high-profile restaurants. It's incredibly hard to find, tucked away in a small nook off bustling California Avenue, and you're not likely to stumble across it by accident, but it's well worth the effort. This tiny storefront, which is really a one-man operation run by chef-owner Momoyo Homma, serves excellent sushi and Japanese cuisine. It's a no-frills operation, where the miso soup is served in foam cups, except when it comes to the sushi preparation. Chef Homma takes expert care in creating some truly inspired rolls. The fish is so fresh you'll swear it jumped right out of the bay and landed on Homma's chopping board. The restaurant does a good job with basically everything, but the unagi (eel) dishes are particularly impressive. The most blatantly obvious thing that separates Homma's from the hordes of mainstream sushi houses in the area is that it serves only brown rice, which is more nutritional than white rice. But, as a diner soon finds out, that's only one of many things that separate Homma's from the crowd.