Ichi Riki Sushi House Ichi-Riki Sushi House

Ichi-Riki Sushi House

17b Strutton Ground
London, SW1P 2HY
020-7233 1701
Cuisine: Japanese / Sushi
Simple café-style venue serving surprisingly good sushi and sashimi.
Openings: Lunch Mon.-Fri., Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Ichi-Riki Sushi House, London, uk

Ichi-Riki Sushi House Restaurant Review:

A wide range of handmade sushi is just part of the menu in this lively spot off Victoria Street. There’s also sashimi, and interesting side-dishes-cum-starters. Of these, takoyaki is a treat for the eyes. A substantial “snack” of wheat balls stuffed with octopus is served warm with a sauce and katsuo (bonito flakes). As the warmth reaches the katsuo, the flakes start to wave as if influenced by a gentle breeze. If you don’t know what to choose, go for a lunch special ranging from £10 to £15.50 or a set meal from £11 to £14.

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