Isabel Cantina Isabel's Cantina

Isabel's Cantina

966 Felspar St. (Cass St.)
San Diego, CA 92109
Isabel Cruz helms this festive cantina in Pacific Beach.
Openings: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily


Isabel's Cantina Restaurant Review:

Isabel's Cantina is a colorful experience for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as Isabel Cruz puts a lot of creativity and mindfulness into her Asian and Latin-inspired dishes. The food is hearty, yet healthy, with fresh ingredients. The menus is full of black beans, brown rice and tofu brought to life by ingredients like zesty salsa, rich coconut milk and spicy wasabi cream. The real attraction is dinner. Self-taught, Cruz creates a fusion cuisine from the influences in her life, with Thai, Puerto Rican, Korean, Mexican and Japanese touches. For starters, we suggest the Asian grilled vegetable plate. Cruz plates sweet, teriyaki-style mushrooms, crispy sweet potatoes, crunchy steamed beans and grilled Japanese eggplant with fiery dipping sauces that will make your eyes water. When it comes to lettuce wraps, the steak-chicken combo is the way to go. There are also grilled fish and steak tacos. Entrées range from tofu noodle bowls to skirt steak, and seafood like pepita-crusted sea bass in a cilantro-lime sauce. Desserts veer towards the tropical, with ingredients such as coconut and plantains. Egg dishes, fluffy pancakes and Mexican favorites define breakfast. The ambience is especially nice when it's dark: candles, towering ceilings, and a 12-foot Buddha lend a mystical mood.

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