JarrBar Jarr Bar Pike Place Market Bryan Jarr JarrBar
Pike Place Market
1432 Western Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101
Cuisine: Spanish / Seafood
Pike Place Market bar full of imported Spanish flair --- and seafood.
Openings: Open Tues.-Sun.
JarrBar, Seattle, WA

JarrBar Restaurant Review:

Step into the hallway of a space hidden under Pike Place Market, and enter Spain --- with just a touch of Northwest spirit. After the closing of Madison Park Conservatory, chef Bryan Jarr became inspired by the seafood curing culture of the Iberian Peninsula and the small local bars that served the finished product straight from the tin. The white walls and nautically-themed decorations (save for the hoof of jamón Ibérico on the counter) wash a feeling of calm over diners as they eat sardines, mussels or cockles. Soft-cooked eggs, cured meats and cheeses round out the savory options, and the only dessert is a little dark chocolate with olive oil and salt. But the drinks selection is extensive: cocktails, including Spain’s favorite, the gin and tonic; a few beers and ciders (both Spanish and local); and a wine list that reads like a study in Spain’s finest. While a few local or French wines slip in, and Portugal gets a nod on the long list of sherries, Madeiras and ports, this collection focuses on Riojas, cavas and Spanish whites.

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