JTYH Restaurant JTYH Restaurant

JTYH Restaurant

9425 Valley Blvd. (Rosemead Blvd.)
Rosemead, CA 91770
Cuisine: Chinese / Noodles
This Rosemead destination for handmade knife-shaved Shanxi noodles is worth the drive.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Wed.-Mon.


JTYH Restaurant, Rosemead, CA

JTYH Restaurant Restaurant Review:

The San Gabriel Valley is Southern California’s mecca for authentic cuisine from almost every province in China, so if you’ve got a hankering for chewy, thick handmade Shanxi noodles, this cozy strip mall spot in Rosemead is required eating. Run by the same family that owned the acclaimed and now-defunct Heavy Noodling, JTYH offers huge portions and low prices (nothing on the menu is over $10). The main draw is the flavorful knife-shaved noodles (dao xiao mian) that arrive in different dishes; our favorite is a rich, fragrant lamb soup with slices of tender stewed meat. If you want a “soup and sandwich” Chinese-style, add the pancake with beef, a sort of savory Chinese pastrami in a flaky roll-up bread. The hearty noodle soup alone can be a satisfying meal, but don’t leave without exploring a few appetizers --- the vinegary, translucent bean noodles in chili sauce are addictive, and an elegant plate of thin-sliced smoked chicken is silky and moist. The lengthy list of Sichuan entrées offers more tastes of Western China, like lamb with cumin, spicy bean curd and fried leek buns. Finally, flavorful pork and seafood dumplings here can more than hold their own (which says a lot in San Gabriel), and are available frozen for takeout in larger quantities. To boot, cold Coronas are only $2.50 each. They do take credit cards, but with a minimum of $20.