Kura Norihiro Ishizuka Kura
130 St. Marks Pl. (Ave. A)
New York, NY 10009
Cuisine: Japanese / Sushi
“Secret” sushi bar in the East Village.
Openings: Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Kura, New York, NY

Kura Restaurant Review:

About the restaurant & décor: It’s almost impossible to find Kura. It’s hidden next to a storefront with the same number, there’s no sign, and a random tapestry gives no hint at what’s inside. But you’ll definitely want to dine here. The oh-so-private 12-seat sushi bar is manned by one of the city’s top sushi masters, Norihiro Ishizuka, who will willingly tell you all about every bite that you’re enjoying. (That’s helpful as there’s no menu.) One four-top table is also available. The tiny restaurant takes no reservations so arrive early.

Likes: Feeling of being “in the know” at this secret sushi bar.
Dislikes: None.

Food & Drinks: The selection of fish, like uni, kanpachi and sweet shrimp, is topnotch and only includes what’s freshest that day. Deliveries come from around the world focusing on Japan and New York. Guests might encounter sea scallops from Hokkaido and a range of tuna such as the succulently fatty versions otoro and chutoro. Presentation is as masterful as the preparation, and you should wisely kowtow to the omakase selection curated by Ishizuka himself – he knows what you should be eating. You’re privy to a selection of 12 pieces for a mere $100, a pretty good deal for omakase in Manhattan. If you have room, the cream puff mini-dessert served on a spoon is a sweet trinket. A lovely choice of sakés complements the meal. There is a limited selection of wine, beer and saké by the glass, too.