Lan Pan Asian Cafe Dadeland Station Lan Pan-Asian Cafe

Lan Pan-Asian Cafe

Dadeland Station
8332 S. Dixie Hwy. (Kendall Dr.)
South Miami, FL 33143
Cuisine: Pan-Asian
Eastern fusion in a minimalist atmosphere is a counterintuitive hit in this mall of mega-stores.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Tues.-Sun.


Lan Pan-Asian Cafe Restaurant Review:

We didn't expect any restaurant located on the ground floor of Dadeland Station to be this good, but Lan Pan-Asian Café is an unexpected sleeper. We recommend the sushi and spinach-and-chive dumplings or, perhaps, the baby-back ribs spiked and glazed with peppery barbecue sauce, a Korean soup with pork and napa cabbage, beef seared tataki-style and Thai shrimp and green papaya salad. Innovative desserts include spring rolls stuffed with pumpkin and apples. Extremely minimalist, if not austere, surroundings detract only slightly from a memorable dining experience.