Lavendou Lavendou
19009 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX 75252
Cuisine: French / Tea Room
The flavors of Provence prevail at this north Dallas-area restaurant.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Tues.-Sat.


Lavendou, Dallas, TX

Lavendou Restaurant Review:

This tiny gem is reminiscent of Provence, both in its sunny yellow-and-blue décor and its classic French bistro menu. The intense onion soup crowned with broiled cheese may be the best version in town, the soufflés rise to great heights and the pommes frites are so good that you won’t find yourself reaching for the ketchup. Hold off a bit on the homemade bread so you can try the appetizer of sautéed wild mushrooms in pastry --- one of the reasons this bistro always smells so good. Tilapia grille à la Provençal, complemented by boiled potatoes and grilled vegetables drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and tapenade, constitutes a healthy dinner entrée. Also keep Lavendou in mind for its dainty afternoon tea.

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