Mamak Willie Wong Mamak
Asian Square
5150 Buford Hwy., Ste. A170 (Shallowford Rd.)
Doraville, GA 30340
Cuisine: Malaysian / Thai
Tiny, simple but brightly painted restaurant showcasing Malaysian street food.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Fri.-Wed.


Mamak, Doraville, GA

Mamak Restaurant Review:

About the restaurant: Referencing the Indian Muslim community of Malaysia, Mamak denotes stalls that serve as "pop up" restaurants. Painted in bright colors, this tiny spot with 10 tables doesn't devote much energy to décor, but instead puts all efforts into its food. Check out the blackboard for specials.

Food & Drinks: Classic Malaysian roti canai, an Indian flatbread, is dipped into curry sauce. Start with the hand-held pies, which are plump from being stuffed with curry-accented chicken, potatoes and onions. Green papaya salad is fine here. Satay skewers of beef or chicken come in pairs with peanut sauce. Fragrant and flavorful noodle dishes include flat noodles with seafood in an egg gravy; char kway teow has lots of intriguing flavor and textures. Like spice? Sambal shrimp --- head on and in the shell (although you may order it with shelled shrimp) --- provides a half dozen or so large ones in a spicy, although not wicked hot, red sauce. Poached and mild in seasoning, tender Hainanese chicken and kari ayam chicken with curry and potatoes are all delectable and different. For dessert, try the flavored ices. No alcohol and sadly, as there's no liquor license, you can't bring wine. If you do take-out, think about a dry rosé.

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