Big Bob Gibson Barbecue Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Menu

1715 Sixth Ave. SE (14th St. SW)
Decatur, AL 35601
Cuisine: Barbecue
However you sauce it, barbecue is a treat at Big Bob Gibson.
Open Lunch & Dinner daily
Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q, Decatur, AL

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Restaurant Review:

A large sign with a prancing pig beckons diners to this location of Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q. Wood paneling and brick floors add warmth inside. In 1925, Bob Gibson nailed oak planks to a large sycamore in his backyard and started cooking barbecue. Later generations of the family continue delighting Decatur diners. Part of the fun is saucing the meat as you like from the array offered. White sauce flecked with pepper, first made here, was designed for chicken, but it's tasty on pork, too. Other sauces include a tangy red version and a peppery vinegar sauce. A dry rub also is available. Hot wings were added to the menu and sell briskly, along with expanded choices of sides that include turnip greens, green beans, french fries and mac 'n' cheese. Smoked turkey and salads are good for those watching waistlines. Pies are as varied as the sauces, with coconut, chocolate, lemon ice box, peanut butter and pecan. No alcohol is served. Also located at 520 Danville Rd. SW, Decatur, 256-350-0404.

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