Cubano Cubano's

Cubano's Menu

1201 Fidler Ln. (Cameron St.)
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Cuisine: Cuban
Colorful and exciting, this Cuban destination seems to be in a fiesta frenzy.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Cubano's Restaurant Review:

One of the least represented cuisines in the metro area, Cuban food goes a long way to fitting in as a very substantial if not elegant way of eating: loads of stews, mashed veggies, rice and beans, and fried meats, all based on seafood, pork, and chicken laced with garlic. A blend of Spanish and Caribbean influences, this tropical cuisine draws on such island favorites as lechon asado, presented at the restaurant not as a whole roast suckling pig but as sliced roast pork, minus the crackling skin of the whole pig. Don't skip the island treat ropa vieja, which translates as old clothes, and consists of shredded beef braised in a tomato-and-onion-based sauce. Brightly colored and a semi-tropical décor lends the air of the tropics, but there's no escaping that this Caribbean haven is way north of the border, where loads of yanquis rub elbows with Cuban nationals who want a taste of home.