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740 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Cuisine: Café / Desserts
Bean to bar chocolate, hot chocolate and treats for a midday pick-me-up coffee alternative.
Openings: Open Wed.-Sun.


  • Dress code: Casual
Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco, CA

Dandelion Chocolate Restaurant Review:

The aroma of chocolate fills the air of this Mission café with an open-kitchen-style factory behind the counter: bags of cacao waiting to be roasted are piled in the back, pickers hand-sort beans on a stainless steel table, a converted coffee roaster spins and heats beans while five large bowls (actually stone-grinders and conching machines) stir a dark brown viscous liquid. Try the European-style thick hot chocolate or Dandelion's version of a Mexican hot chocolate called The Mission, rich with spice and a lingering heat; house-made marshmallows are offered like sugar cubes to add as you like. Chilled chocolate water with a strong note of lemon provides a hot-day alternative. Treats from the in-house chef change daily, and favorites like the chocolate caramel tart are available until they sell out. If you want to take a treat home, there's (almost) always a signature chocolate bar wrapped in gold foil available from the most recent batch.

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