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5700 Geary Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94121
Cuisine: Chinese / Dim Sum
Edgy, artful dim sum and hot pots --- many of which are so attractive that you'll be torn between eating them and gazing at them.
Open Lunch & Dinner daily


Dragon Beaux, San Francisco, CA

Dragon Beaux Restaurant Review:

With winks toward Japanese shabu shabu, Malaysian saté and beyond, Dragon Beaux puts an edgily extravagant spin on two of China's classic cooking styles. Floor-to-ceiling cherry-blossom imagery and Disneylandish saturn-shaped lamps lend a where-in-the-world magical ambience to dumplings and other daytime treats made with such delicacies as crab roe, abalone, Kurobuta pork, chicken feet and crispy translucent "lantern beef." It extends to nighttime hot pots made tableside with a choice of broths (from thick congee to twelve-hour bone brew) and an epic range of items (including fish paste, duck tongues, frog legs, taro noodles, cuttlefish balls and Wagyu beef) to simmer therein. Satiny black squid-ink dumplings are nut-stuffed surprises; tender rainbow taro buns resemble bite-size birthday gifts. Chilled, honeyed bitter melon is an exciting cyclone in the mouth. Mixed-mushroom hand-pulled e-fu noodles are golden, chewy and satisfying. Beer, wine and exotic teas round out the extensive menu. Save room for airy, sunny sponge cake or steamed egg-custard roll.

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