Famous Greek Kitchen Famous Greek Kitchen

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10 N. Water St. (Mill St.)
Greenwich, CT 06830
Cuisine: Greek / Pizza
Home-style Greek cuisine, pizzas and souvlaki in a casually stylish space.
Openings: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily


Famous Greek Kitchen Restaurant Review:

A family operation for more than thirty years, this Greek restaurant made its mark in the neighborhood with oven-baked pizzas and fire-grilled souvlaki, and has since expanded its menu with home-style Greek cuisine. The renovated interior features an interplay of contemporary and vintage accents. High-back white banquettes, wood stools, hanging tavern-style lamps, lanterns, and framed mirrors create a setting that is stylish and inviting. The expanded menu includes the pizzas and souvlaki a generation of neighborhood clientele has come to expect, along with a well-executed lineup of Greek specialties. Choose from appetizers like spanakopita or char-grilled octopus accented by red wine marinade. Entrées include Greek classics: arnesia paidaka, a roasted rack of lamb seasoned with fresh herbs and served with vegetables; a revolving array of psari skaras, select whole or filleted grilled fish seasoned with lemon and spices and served with oven-roasted potatoes or herbed rice pilaf.

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