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Franklin Barbecue Menu

900 E. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78702
Cuisine: Barbecue
Lines form early at this Texas barbecue destination.
Open Lunch Tues.-Sun.
Franklin Barbecue, Austin, TX

Franklin Barbecue Restaurant Review:

Aaron Franklin pulled a grand Texas coup by opening a small trailer that quickly evolved into a brick-and-mortar eatery. The coup comes from being crowned as the Texas king of barbecue, a distinction historically bestowed upon more historic pits that have been smoking for generations, not years. Franklin's brisket is slow-cooked even by slow-cooked standards for a full 18 hours at a very low temperature. The result is a generous smoke ring and seemingly impossible tenderness. House sausage benefits from a crispy casing and post-oak smoke. The Tipsy Texan sandwich has become an instant legend, thanks to a heap of saucy chopped beef, the aforementioned sausage, plus coleslaw and pickles. Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of the pies (bourbon banana, pecan, Key lime or lemon chess). Those in the know realize that lines --- long lines --- are an everyday occurrence, and if you're not queued up early, odds are that the food will be sold out before you order. To make things more fair, Franklin has banned the practice of hiring "line sitters" to hold your place in line.

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