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Shops at Sunset
5701 Sunset Dr. (US 1)
South Miami, FL 33143
Cuisine: Burgers
Double-fisted burgers, sauced-up chili fries and malts served by '50s-garbed staff.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Johnny Rockets Restaurant Review:

The capital of retro kid food expands its empire into South Florida's malls and town centers, filling the much-needed niche in Florida for non-drive-through fast-food. Johnny Rockets is a nod to '50s Americana---reminiscent of places that were once crammed full of chatty teenagers on every Main Street across the country. At some locations, teenage servers in cute '50s uniforms spontaneously break out into brief, choreographed oldies songs while serving up double-fisted burgers and sauced-up chili fries. Chase your burger with a malted milk shake or an effervescent soda fountain drink. Have fun sitting at vinyl booths equipped with their own jukeboxes, or grab a swivel-seated stool at the counter and chat with the soda jerk. Or skip both and head for the outdoor seating; there's plenty. Other locations.