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3447 N. Verdugo Rd. (Ocean View Blvd.)
Glendale, CA 91208
Cuisine: Mexican
La Cabañita is a homey, family-run restaurant from Patricia and Francisco Jimenez that's well known for Mexican comfort food.
Openings: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily


La Cabanita Restaurant Review:

La Cabañita is a family-run restaurant from Patricia Jimenez and her husband, Francisco, which dates to 1989 and has become known for Mexican comfort food. The restaurant's décor is rife with clichés --- sombreros, serapes and neon beer signs --- but tables topped in Spanish tile and hanging Tiffany lamps contribute homey flourishes. The menu, featuring the kind of cooking one might find in a Mexico City home, is anything but a series of clichés. Francisco’s mother, Maria Vazquez Francisco, provided most of the recipes. Tacos de rajas con crema (a creamy dip laced with poblano pepper strips, onions and black beans, served with homemade tortillas) make a rich, indulgent starter. Popular entrées include pork chops in pasilla chile sauce and three distinct chile rellenos. Chiles en nogada consist of poblano chiles stuffed with ground beef, pine nuts and dried fruit, topped with a sensual white wine cream sauce, and accented with bursting pomegranate seeds. Chiles a La Cabañita are blanketed in a chicken, almond and raisin sauce. Three different types of creamy flan star at dessert: vanilla, coconut and goat's milk caramel with pecan.

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