Las Vacas Gordas Las Vacas Gordas

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933 Normandy Dr.
Miami Beach, FL 33141
Cuisine: Argentinean / Steakhouse
Marinated and grilled steaks are the specialty at this Argentine restaurant, one of Miami's first parrillada places.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Las Vacas Gordas Restaurant Review:

When this loud, and originally cramped, Argentine restaurant first opened in the mid-1990s, people lined up outside and waited as long as an hour for a table. Why? Because Las Vacas Gordas, which translates as The Fat Cows, offered various steaks that are marinated, tossed onto the parilla (grill) and served with scorching chimichurri on the side---for under $10. After a dramatic expansion/renovation in 2010, the space is no longer cramped; it's actually rather upscale glam-loungy. It's still loud, though, and waits often remain long---even when tables are free; service is not the most attentive. Steaks are still deeply flavorful, too, but now cost at least twice as much---and specials, like a "Kobe" steak, put The Fat Cows in the fat cat price range. Considering that the justly-famed enrollada skirt steak, when unrolled, hangs over its plate and can feed two, it's not a bad deal.

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