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Melton's App & Tap Menu

Medlock Plaza
2500 N. Decatur Rd. (Scott Blvd.)
Decatur, GA 30033
Cuisine: Sandwiches / Bar / American
This classic neighborhood tavern draws the college crowd, the 30-somethings and their grandparents.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Melton's App & Tap, Decatur, GA

Melton's App & Tap Restaurant Review:

Melton's App & Tap offers rafts of artisan, imported and high-gravity beers on tap and in the bottle that always rotate for constant interest. A plate shelf opposite the bar holds taps from brands no longer served, making an interesting historic testament to its brew past. In the evening, locals join students for such noshes as buffalo chicken tenders that can be served as hot as you desire. The hefty hamburger, the Reuben, and the hot dogs (order one or two) with homemade chili are major draws. An alternative to fries are the redskin potato salad and the fresh, steamed or chilled vegetables to be dunked into a cream cheese-based dip. Dinner selections change seasonally, presenting anything from fish to Polish sausage to pastas, and classic sandwiches and flatbread creations. Desserts include a brownie, chocolate chip cookies, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Family-focused, this neighborhood tavern’s menu has a wide variety of kids’ choices, too.

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