Murasaki Murasaki

Murasaki Menu

23 LaSalle Rd. (Farmington Ave.)
West Hartford, CT 06107
Cuisine: Japanese / Sushi / Noodles
One of Greater Hartford's first Japanese restaurants still nourishes faithful fans with sushi and cooked dishes.
Openings: Lunch Tues.-Sat., Dinner Tues.-Sun.


Murasaki Restaurant Review:

When Murasaki opened in Simsbury in 1990, it was one of Greater Hartford's first Japanese restaurants, hence a destination for adventurous foodies. Many competitors have arrived on the scene since, but this eatery, which moved to West Hartford Center in 2004, remains one of the area's reliable destinations for well-executed Japanese fare. Intimate as the set-up is --- an eleven-seat sushi bar supplements a handful of tables --- you'll have a prime view of the sushi chefs no matter where you sit. But rest assured that what emerges from the kitchen is prepared with an equal sensitivity toward balanced textures and subtle flavors. Beyond the usual hand rolls and assorted noodle bowls, we recommend the house version of fried calamari: panko-breaded cuttlefish served with a zesty teriyaki sauce. Even the miso soup is notably dense and rich, and the tempura light and crispy. It all pairs well with cold saké or a Japanese beer on summer days, and with a sake-tini or glass of wine as leaves change and winter arrives.

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