New Fortune Chinese Restaurant Walnut Hill Shopping Center New Fortune Chinese Restaurant

New Fortune Chinese Restaurant Menu

Walnut Hill Shopping Center
16515 S. Frederick Ave. (Shady Grove Rd.)
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Cuisine: Chinese / Dim Sum
Full-tilt dim sum service during the day and solid Cantonese cooking attract crowds of hungry customers.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


New Fortune Chinese Restaurant Restaurant Review:

This is a huge Hong Kong-style restaurant and a popular banquet destination, with full-tilt dim sum service (more than 100 choices on the carts) during the day. As much as we like the dim sum, we are just as captivated by the solid Cantonese cooking. The menu has about 250 dishes, most of which go far beyond the usual General Tso's chicken category. We've enjoyed the lobster with ginger and onions, the beef chow foon and several of the hot pots, but you may prefer the more familiar kung pao chicken or Hunan beef. Because the menu is so vast and the cooking so good, this is one place to explore some of the outer limits of this cuisine. Weekends are mobbed, so if dim sum is your choice, try going during the week.

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