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Dallas Farmers' Market, Shed 2
920 S. Harwood St. (Marilla St.)
Dallas, TX 75201
Cuisine: Barbecue / Southern
Unassuming mom-and-pop stand inside the Dallas Farmers' Market serves some of the city's best barbecue.
Openings: Lunch Wed.-Sun.


Pecan Lodge, Dallas, TX

Pecan Lodge Restaurant Review:

Husband-and-wife Justin and Diane Fourton launched their barbecue stand in a corner of the Dallas Farmers' Market back in 2010. They smoke their pork, ribs and brisket slow and long in a custom smoker they've nicknamed "Lurlene" so that the meats come out tender and extra-smoky. Order by the pound, or try one of the signature items like the "Hot Mess" --- a massive baked sweet potato with chopped brisket, butter, kosher salt, chopped bacon, green onion and a drizzle of chipotle cream. They also do the Kansas City signature item called "burnt ends" --- those delectable edges of brisket cooked until they're crusty and sweet from caramelization. Mac ‘n’ cheese is ramped up with the addition of crumbled bacon and jalapeño, applied with a light hand to inject just a delicate warmth. Best to save plenty of room for that brisket, though, which is laced with luscious fat and a crisp blackened bark. Hours are limited, and so are the number of tables. Your best bet is to begin lining up at least 30 minutes prior to opening on the weekdays; on weekends, the line stretches back through the entire building.

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