Phoenicia Phoenicia

Phoenicia Menu

343 N. Central Ave. (Lexington Ave.)
Glendale, CA 91203
A handsomely appointed Lebanese restaurant with an extensive menu of meze, seafood, lamb and beef.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Phoenicia Restaurant Review:

Veteran restaurateur Ara Kalfayan, who also owns Mandaloun in Glendale, provides another festive celebration of Lebanese cuisine at Phoenicia. The spacious dining room, with a rustic stone veneer, is filled with linen-topped tables, while niches along walls display vintage ceramic art and glassware. A patio, partially beneath a soaring tent with ornate lanterns, brings the party atmosphere outdoors, where big families celebrate with elaborate feasts and ornamental hookahs. The menu, in true Lebanese tradition, is long and varied, and parties are encouraged to sample a wide array of meze (appetizers), from which an entire meal can be composed. Hummus, mouhammara (an addictive walnut-pomegranate dip spiked with hot peppers), garlicky frogs’ legs, falafel and firri (pan-fried, marinated quails) are among the assortment, while specialties include lamb’s brain and succulent chicken livers glazed with pomegranate juice. In addition to a variety of kebabs, some prepared with fresh seafood, entrées include kastalleta (lamb chops) and beef or chicken shwarma accompanied by a potent garlic sauce. Family-style menus present good value for groups. A resident hookah maker is also on hand with an assortment of flavors.

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