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2917 W. Mississippi Ave. (Federal Blvd.)
Denver, CO 80219
Cuisine: Chinese / Dim Sum
There's dim sum and them some at this shrine to Chinese cuisine.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Star Kitchen, Denver, CO

Star Kitchen Restaurant Review:

In a city that’s amassed several dim sum parlors, Star Kitchen remains the leader of the pack, content to be the steadfast weekend stomping ground for cult-favorite dumplings, steaming bowls of congee, egg custard tarts, barbecue pork buns, and sweet rice balls bundled in banana leaves with nubs of Chinese sausage, all rolled around---often at frantic speeds---on careening carts and trolleys. For the hundreds of walk-ins---Star Kitchen doesn’t accept reservations---hovering for a seat in the cavernous dining room, which periodically resembles a battleground of bodies jostling for space, may not be the ideal start to a leisurely weekend, but by the time you leave, you’re fat, full and happy. Bonus: Most dim sum emporiums don’t serve alcohol, but Star Kitchen bucks the tradition, pouring several beers, along with a few (unmemorable) wines.

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