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International Plaza
5979 Buford Hwy., Ste. A10 (Oakcliff Rd.)
Doraville, GA 30340
Cuisine: Sushi
Serious sushi, a pristine environment, and a restful, contemplative ambience create a virtual sushi temple.
Openings: Dinner Wed.-Sat.


Sushi Hayakawa, Doraville, GA

Sushi Hayakawa Restaurant Review:

Atsushi "Art" Hayakawa's passionate clients had nearly given up hope that he would reopen Sushi Hayakawa after the restaurant’s many months of being closed for renovation. But he was in there making some of them happen himself, hand-polishing the fine maple sushi bar for one thing. The number of seats has been reduced in this tiny slip of an establishment. Reservations are required, preferably two weeks in advance. And don't be late. No children under 10 please, as the master wants a quiet dining experience for his guests. Whether you're a habitué or a newcomer, Hayakawa monitors your sushi skills. If he doesn't approve of your sushi-eating style, he will correct you gently but firmly. "Eat it in one bite," he says if you try to nibble your hotate (live scallop). If you're tired of goofy combos masquerading as sushi, here's where you want to raise your chopsticks. Hayakawa says all his fish is flown in from Tokyo's Tsukiji market. Very fine salmon and a soft-shell crab appetizer are among our favorite morsels. For sweet endings, you might find something like an unusual jellied treat. Savor top-flight chilled saké and beers from Japan, including Asahi on draft. The wine list isn't nearly so interesting.

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