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Sushi Nishi-ya Menu

1712 Victory Blvd. (Raymond Ave.)
Glendale, CA 91201
Cuisine: Sushi / Japanese
This strip mall sushi bar in Glendale specializes in omakase (chef's choice).
Openings: Lunch Mon.-Fri., Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Sushi Nishi-ya Restaurant Review:

If you're simply looking for chicken teriyaki or a California roll, you may want to venture elsewhere, as this strip mall tenant is hardly your typical suburban sushi joint. Nishi-ya specializes in omakase --- patrons at the bar are served according to the chef’s choice and there’s nary a dragon roll among the parade of dishes coming your way. Diners at the restaurant's few tables make selections from the menu of sashimi, nigiri and hand rolls. At the bar, your deference to the friendly veteran chef-owner will be rewarded by eminently simple but pristine presentations of sushi and sashimi, each served with the ingredient’s appellation called out (e.g. blue fin tuna from Spain, salmon from Scotland, hamachi from Osaka). Occasionally, a fish will be drizzled with an enchanting miso sauce, but mostly, this is straightforward and conservative. Highlights may include a sweet crab hand roll, kelp-topped salmon, Canadian sweet shrimp, and uni from Santa Barbara. To drink there’s Japanese beer and saké. The setting is very modest. Beware, however: If you don’t restrain yourself, your bill will not be much less than it would at some flashy Westside sushi bars.