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Victory Sandwich Bar Menu

340 Church St. (Ponce de Leon Ave.)
Decatur, GA 30030
Cuisine: Sandwiches / Eclectic
Well-priced, well-composed one-handers, tacos and popular drinks until the wee hours.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily
Victory Sandwich Bar, Decatur, GA

Victory Sandwich Bar Restaurant Review:

Late-night light fare is what you'll find at Victory. If you want a piled-high-with-deli-meat sandwich, Victory is not your place. However, for as little as four bucks, you can enjoy a reasonably sized well-composed one-hander that will supply more than four bucks worth of flavor. Within this simple formula, the kitchen explores myriad flavors, from Latin to Asian, and none has ever disappointed us. House-made pickles, cukes and other embellishments adorn the pork in the "Bahn Apetit," costing a mere $5. Round it out with a salad or a cup of daily changing soup. Desserts are made in house, too, but we go for the sea salt chocolate chip cookie. If you can resist them, let us know how you do it. There are decent wines, but we suggest having one of the local beers. Also located in Inman Park, 913 Bernina Ave. NE, 404-963-1742.

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