Monastery Restaurant Monastery Restaurant

Monastery Restaurant

443 Granby St. (Charlotte St.)
Norfolk, VA 23510
Cuisine: Hungarian / German / French
Rich Central European fare is served amid old-world charm.
Openings: Dinner Tues.-Sun. (closed Aug.)


Monastery Restaurant, Norfolk, VA

Monastery Restaurant Restaurant Review:

Put dietary precautions aside when you enter this cozy Central European restaurant loaded with old-world charm. Expect to start with homemade bread, cheese and an apple, served to every table. Don't fill up, though, because there's much more hearty fare to come. Appetizers include goulash soup, escargots and la raclette Valaisienne (for two). The specialties are crispy-skinned duck (served on homemade sauerkraut) and the absorbent dumplings resembling bread slices. Other menu items range from bratwurst to stuffed cabbage, Wiener Schnitzel and numerous other pork, veal, steak and chicken dishes, most paired with rich sauces you haven't eaten in so long you almost forgot how good they were. If goose is offered as a special, get it. And if you like steak tartare, you’re in for a treat. Classic desserts including crêpe Suzette and Black Forest cake will make a convert out of you.

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