Mosca Moscas Mosca's
4137 Hwy. 90-W
Westwego, LA 70094
Cuisine: Italian / Creole
Although off the beaten path, Mosca's is worth the drive for its regional Italian fare.
Openings: Dinner Tues.-Sat.


Mosca's, Westwego, LA

Mosca's Restaurant Review:

Mosca’s inhabits a tiny, white clapboard roadhouse that could be mistaken for a large tool shed were it not for the sign outside. Inside, the old bar and compact dining room are reminiscent of post-World War II days. The place deals in the fundamentals of regional Italian fare: huge shrimp steeped in butter, olive oil, rosemary and bay leaf become the ultimate version of barbecued shrimp. Freshly made, sweet Italian sausages are oven-roasted with potatoes that absorb the meat's juices. Oysters are fine company for a gratin of garlicky breadcrumbs studded with artichoke bits and rosemary. Baked chicken à la grande, a specialty, is a study in lusty flavor, while house-made spaghetti is a good vehicle for a dousing of olive oil and garlic. Cheesecake and “Pineapple Fluff” constitute the dessert menu. Service is as perfunctory as the wine list, which contains a handful of familiar Italian wines, each served in small juice glasses. And come prepared: cash only.

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