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Enjoy more than just bagels at this Laurel Einstein location.
Openings: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily


Einstein Bros Bagels Restaurant Review:

If you are mad for bagels, you may appreciate this group of bagel restaurants with their classic bagels plus your favorite topping. We like the onion bagel with salmon shmear (salmon cream cheese) and the wild blueberry bagel and some strawberry shmear. Plus, Einstein Bros isn’t just about bagels: in the tradition of sensible eateries, it offers a little something for everyone, including wraps, muffins, yogurts, iced and hot coffee, salads, and naturally, bagel sandwiches. Two challah roll sandwiches are also available with a choice of offbeat fillings. Remember, if you want to eat bagels for dinner, most stores close in the early evening.

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