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A sophisticated but casual tavern for the NYU set.
Open Lunch & Dinner daily


White Oak Tavern, New York, NY

White Oak Tavern Restaurant Review:

This Greenwich Village space was once home to a restaurant that attempted to combine Mexican food and an Irish pub atmosphere, all to the delight of NYU undergrads. Current tenant White Oak Tavern, however, appeals to graduate students who prefer to discuss Foucault and lit theory in a dimly lit, elegantly appointed room. There are all manner of house cocktails and a short wine list. Food options encapsulate long-term dining trends and include a very good bacon-topped burger, chicken liver pâté and chicken potpie while being refreshingly free of kale. Desserts are minimal, but the boozy donuts for two, infused with Scotch and chartreuse, bring a sweet end to a meal.

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