Radosta Radosta's
249 Aris Ave. (Rose St.)
Metairie, LA 70005
Cuisine: Creole / Sandwiches / Po Boy
No frills, no fuss, and still a great place for a hearty po’ boy.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Mon.-Sat.

Radosta's Restaurant Review:

The three Radosta brothers have run this neighborhood market since 1975. The no-frills ambience includes an eclectic collection of wall art, beer signs, a concrete floor and even a grocery aisle. Here's where you stop for a quick sandwich, either traditional (po’ boys) or creative. Don's Special, for instance, is a garlic extravaganza of house-made Italian sausage, olive salad and provolone, a riff on the classic muffuletta. It takes two hands to control and eat the roast beef po' boy, so you’ll need roughly a dozen napkins. Order at the meat counter and pay on your way out, on your honor for whatever you drink. Speaking of drinks, check out the selection of 75 domestic and imported beers. This is also the only place we know of around here that serves fried stuffed olives (be brave and give them a try). Desserts are limited and not particularly outstanding, but you’re likely to find a good oversize cookie or brownie.

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