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Roots 657 Cafe & Local Market

42301 Spinks Ferry Rd. (Rte. 15 N.)
Leesburg, VA 20176
Cuisine: American
American food in a country setting outside of Leesburg.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Roots 657 Cafe & Local Market, Leesburg, VA

Roots 657 Cafe & Local Market Restaurant Review:

Roots 657 is located on Route 15 North outside of Leesburg and is built on the edge of farmland, but this so-called country café is run and cooked for by an experienced chef, Richard Rosendale. Start with a small bowl of hot soup; the creamy six-onion selection is topped with crispy shallots. As for sandwiches, the pulled smoked pork version heaps meat that’s been smoked for hours upon a cheddar-jalapeño roll with scoops of creamy coleslaw. The whopping house Roots cheeseburger is finished with bacon and a fried egg. Desserts are Moorenko’s ice cream, a house-made chocolate cake with twirls of chocolate, Danishes, apple pie, cookies and muffins. After the meal, you will feel you have been treated to a gourmet repast, and in a country setting. Browse the market side of Roots and find it’s stocked with local and seasonal goods plus a variety of wines.

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