Saeb Thai and Noodles Noodle Saeb Thai & Noodles

Saeb Thai & Noodles

226 W. Bitters Rd., Ste. 124 (Hwy 281 N.)
San Antonio, TX 78216
Cuisine: Thai / Noodles
Classic Thai dishes with an emphasis on duck in many manifestations distinguish this colorful café.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Saeb Thai & Noodles, San Antonio, TX

Saeb Thai & Noodles Restaurant Review:

Duck is a Saeb specialty, and the appropriately named “Yum Duck” salad is a standout. The roasted duck itself is just crisp enough, and the cashew, red onion, cilantro, lettuce and fish sauce all contrive to support it admirably. Duck is not a listed option in dishes such as the massaman curry; pork, beef, chicken and tofu are the standards in this mild preparation with coconut milk, potato, carrots and onion. But it can be substituted, and we say go for it. Drunken noodles can take heightened heat, and so can the green curry (here we opted for chicken) with eggplant and bamboo shoots. Thai yakisoba, an egg noodle plate with mixed vegetables and a sesame sauce, was about the only dish that didn’t inspire shivers of sybaritic pleasure. An appetizer of soft shell crab, tempura-style with fried garlic, needs nothing more than the sweet chili sauce that comes with it. Saeb has no beer or wine, though they do allow wine for a small corkage fee. Desserts include sticky rice and mango, and a coconut custard. The restaurant’s own visual spark comes from a colorful interior that is just lively enough in its own right. Service is charming and efficient.

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