Saint Germain Saint Germain

Saint Germain

255 Granby St. (Tazewell St.)
Norfolk, VA 23510
Cuisine: Contemporary / Molecular
Appreciate the breadth of mixology and gastronomy, from classic cocktails to modernist cuisine.
Openings: Dinner Tues.-Sun.


Saint Germain, Norfolk, VA

Saint Germain Restaurant Review:

Is it a step into the past or a bold move into modernist times? Saint Germain plays it both ways with the romantic allure of opulent old New Orleans and a molecular gastronomy lab's wizardry. Classic charcuterie coexists with New Age dishes with components that might hail from a chamber vacuum or a rotary evaporator. The menu touts "Bar Snacks" like Royal Deviled Egg, rich with truffled yolk mousse, trout roe, sea urchin roe and crispy salmon skin. Continue with dishes such as roasted quail with seed bread, compressed apple, duck hearts, corn pudding, grapefruit fluid gel and crispy chicken skin or beef Wellington for two. Riveting cocktails from an ever-changing list of vintage and cutting-edge possibilities are blessed by house-made extracts. Meanwhile, guests' wardrobes span from hip-casual to dressed to the nines. The mystical 18th-century courtier, Count Saint Germain, is a fitting namesake.

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