Shangri la Vegetarian Restaurant Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant

Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant

2026 Irving St. (21st Ave.)
San Francisco, CA 94122
Cuisine: Vegetarian / Chinese / Kosher
Drawing non-carnivores since it opened in 1978, this diminutive eatery serves mostly vegan, kosher Chinese specialties using fresh local ingredients.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily

Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant Restaurant Review:

A favorite of vegetarians since it opened in 1978, tiny Shangri-la is 99-percent vegan (there are eggs in a few dishes) and is also kosher-compliant. Using fresh garden vegetables, beans, nuts, tofu and whole grains, the kitchen manages to turn out flavorful, creative dishes like sweet-and-sour walnuts, made with fresh pineapple and a light sauce that isn’t vinegary like it is at many lesser Chinese restaurants. Try the Shanghai style wonton soup, a light vegetable broth studded with spicy dumplings and topped with fresh spinach and house-made dry tofu with “vegetable pork,” which tastes better than it sounds. Even fried rice is elevated to tastier levels with bits of mushroom, crunchy green onion and egg that is fluffy and not overcooked. Check out the lunch special---an entrée, soup, rice and an egg roll for under $6. Shangri-la is small and narrow, a bit dark and not at all fancy, but it's comfortable just the same and the staff is friendly and welcoming whether you're a neighborhood regular or visiting for the first time.

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