Sleepy Bee Cafe Frances Kroner Sleepy Bee Cafe

Sleepy Bee Cafe

3098 Madison Rd. (Brownway Ave.)
Cincinnati, OH 45209
Cuisine: Breakfast / Healthy
Breakfast, brunch and lunch the way it should be done.
Openings: Breakfast & Lunch daily

Sleepy Bee Cafe Restaurant Review:

This bright, bee-themed breakfast and lunch spot is the brainchild of a pediatrician and his wife who also own a children's bookstore and an art studio in the neighborhood. Just like their other businesses, Sleepy Bee caters to educated, health-conscious adults and kids who need a nurturing environment and "real" food. The menu offers dishes crafted with local, pesticide-free, non-genetically modified products. You can still get a standard breakfast with eggs, toast, bacon, sausage or goetta and a side of roasted vegetables or "hive" fries. Or you can opt for gluten-free pancakes, a "sustainable salmon wrap" or a smoothie. All of the restaurant's meats and milk products are hormone-free and come from nearby farms. The executive chef, Frances Kroner, has worked in some of the city's best restaurants and has run her own catering business. She came here to develop a tasty and healthy menu that also offers kids more than typical chicken nugget choices. And she wanted the place to celebrate the role of honeybees as the great pollinators of our food.

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