Slymans Restaurant Slyman’s Restaurant

Slyman’s Restaurant

3106 St. Clair Ave. NE (E. 31st St.)
Cleveland, OH 44114
Cuisine: Deli / Sandwiches
Slyman’s is a Cleveland fixture known for corned beef.
Openings: Breakfast & Lunch Mon.-Sat.


Slyman’s Restaurant Restaurant Review:

Slyman’s Restaurant is as unpretentious as it gets, but the energy and excitement inside are palpable. There’s a small dining room, an open kitchen and a friendly lunch counter. Slyman’s doesn’t advertise; word of mouth keeps it busy. In fact, at lunchtime there is usually a line from the order area, across the room, through the door, to the sidewalk and around the corner. Why? Since 1963, this family-owned eatery has been serving up the city’s best corned beef sandwiches, which are almost as big as the plate that holds them. They’ve attracted everyone from George W. Bush to Rachael Ray as well as a cross-section of Clevelanders. The guiding principal behind Slyman’s food is simple: quality and quantity. While corned beef is the reason most people go, the menu has a number of other options, too. The pastrami and tuna melt are both solid choices. Slyman’s offers breakfast in the early mornings. Our favorites are all paired with corned beef hash.

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