Soba Lily Tran Soba
5847 Ellsworth Ave. (College Ave.)
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Cuisine: Pan-Asian / Contemporary
A posh bar and dining space provide the backdrop for meals and conversation.
Openings: Dinner nightly


Soba, Pittsburgh, PA

Soba Restaurant Review:

Soba's bar lures regulars and business folks seeking a solid, swanky happy hour destination. Sensuous materials --- river rock, zebrawood, patterned cork flooring --- evoke exotic climes. From commissioned artwork to lavish drapes, the ambience is magical and magnetic. The sophisticated menu changes often to reflect seasonal, often local products. The kitchen plucks flavors and ingredients from diverse Asian cultures, scoops up some European ideas as well, then filters all through the contemporary radar of its chefs. Order small plates, large plates, soups and salads or noodle dishes. Especially good are the varying seafood and poultry preparations, such as Long Island duck and miso black cod. Vegetarians thrive, with multiple items on every menu. Ambitious desserts showcase house-made ice creams in a roster of flavors including malted milk chocolate. Try the whimsical Soba banana split: three ice creams with banana cake and brûléed bananas. Maneuver the list of sakés or stride boldly into cocktails --- Asian plum sangría, Thai mule or Bangkok tea.

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