Sushi Ota Yukito Ota Sushi Ota

Sushi Ota

4529 Mission Bay Dr.
San Diego, CA 92109
Cuisine: Japanese / Sushi
Authentic Japanese food and sushi from respected chef Ota in a sleepy part of Pacific Beach.
Openings: Lunch Wed.-Fri., Dinner Tues.-Sun.


Sushi Ota, San Diego, CA

Sushi Ota Restaurant Review:

Long known for offering the best sushi in San Diego, Sushi Ota maintains its title with the most authentic Japanese food south of Los Angeles. Devoid of memorable ambience (literally located in a strip mall between a 7-11 and a laundromat), the food is rightly the focal point. A former sushi chef in Kobe, Tokyo and Osaka, chef Ota opened his namesake restaurant in 1990. Be prepared for a frenzy of activity --- the city's Japanese businessmen and families from all over the globe frequent this little slice of Tokyo often, making it a tough reservation to get. Order the well-known tuna, octopus and crab options, or follow the suggestions of knowledgeable staff. Local sea urchin inspired Ota to settle in San Diego, and it stands as another star on the menu. Adventurous sorts should vie for a seat at the bar; the sushi chefs may surprise you with an original creation. A strong selection of sakés is available to complement any meal.