An Elevated Italian Dining Experience in the San Fernando Valley | Terra e Mare Ristorante. Studio City, CA

By Sophie Gayot

Studio City, CA, February 2021

First off, I need to give kudos to restaurateur Stelian Tasu for opening a restaurant in the middle of the pandemic! Tasu is also the owner of the Studio City trattoria Pagliacci located a few blocks away. There he specializes in pizzas and pasta — homemade of course. Here at Terra e Mare Ristorante he wants to take his passion for Italian cuisine to another level.

He has created a well-balanced menu with chef Emidio Tidu, who back when he was 18 spent a couple years in the kitchens of the chef we named “Chef of the Century” — think Joël Robuchon. Expect the classic Italian sections: Antipasti e Insalate, Paste, Risotto, I Pesci, Le Carni and Contorni. To add elegance to the milieu, the tables are covered with white tablecloths (for once!).

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> Watch the tableside accelerated deboning of the Mediterranean grilled branzino with spinach and roasted potatoes. (The real timing is 4 minutes.)

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