Thai Lemongrass Restaurant Thai Lemongrass Restaurant

Thai Lemongrass Restaurant

16666 San Pedro Ave. (Thousand Oaks Dr.)
San Antonio, TX 78232
Cuisine: Thai
Thai with an identity crisis --- seek out the more traditional offerings.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Thai Lemongrass Restaurant Restaurant Review:

We’re a little perplexed about the direction of Thai Lemongrass; if it means to be a regional variation, then we suspect the region has skipped continents with lobster and over-steamed vegetables. But then there’s the spectacular green papaya salad with a sauce that’s palate-numbing in the best sense. The soft shell crab salad with a spicy lime sauce is also stimulating. It’s strange, then, that an order of “eggplant delight” once arrived tasting bland, even though a reasonable level of spice had been requested. Delighted we were not. But we were more than pleased with a dish called “queen of duck, curry sauce variation,” despite the presence of raw green beans. Long live the Queen. Other inventive options include a seafood medley in a foil swan and “wild” curry with a variety of meat or fish options. TL’s generic décor does little to suggest a theme the menu does not, but it’s at least reasonably neutral, and the service dispensed by a black-clad staff is usually pleasant.

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